He is the Light


  1. That is an awesome awesome awesome photo! Maybe because it captures a city that stole my heart but I LOVE it! Nice catch! :]

  2. wow.wow.wow. I love it! Words cannot describe what I wanna' say:) I love how the background is faded, and the foreground is so stark in contrast! This picture captures my heart...fills me with an intense longing to go someday!! wow! i want a matte to hang on my wall!:D

  3. Ariana. I have your print laying here. just needa frame it and mail it! :)

  4. seriously. you have got to be an angel. i refuse to believe otherwise. thank you so much! you really didn't have to do something like that....i wasn't meaning for you to go to do that at all! seriously! your too sweet!
    BTW did you know that I have an entire wall covered with city pictures? it will fit perfectly over there. wow. what a blessed chum you are!
    Love ya


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